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Zero Privacy: Season 2: Episode 1 - Premiere

Episode 1:
The Premiere


Julia: Welcome one and all to the grand stage for the premiere of season two of one of the hottest shows on reality television: Zero Privacy! I'm your host Julia Price, who despite the negative press is NOT fired for some errors last season.
*the audience cheers in excitement*

Julia: Last season had its highs and lows and ended abruptly after technical issues, but I can confirm that in the end Mr Doubley won the final HoH, taking on Flint in the finale. Ultimately Mr Doubley went on to win the season and the big cash prize. We'll speak to him later in the show.

Julia: Though despite the rocky finish we had a successful first season with fans watching from all over the world. In fact, when they heard about a second season they came in the thousands to join season 2. We chose only the best 13 competitors!

Julia: This season we have a brand new house, brand new housemates, a new struggle for power like you've never seen and a lot of brand new secrets and twists along the way. This season is going to be bigger and better than last time, so hold onto your hats and welcome to Zero Privacy: Season 2!

Julia: Before we meet our 13 lucky housemates, and reveal any new surprises or twists, let us first explore the NEW Zero Privacy house! Let's watch!


Julia: Welcome one and all to the second Zero Privacy house. From the outside, it's dull and boring, but on the inside it is stunning and harbours many, many secrets!

Julia: This is the entrance hall, complete with red carpet entrance for our soon to be pseudo-celebrities! It also has a game of Don't Wake the Llama for housemates to bond over, or to compete to find out who is the best in the house.

Julia: On the left hand side we have two doors, one to the first bedroom, arguably the worst bedroom, the construction corner. And another door to the best bedroom, the Head of House suite, where the winner of the Head of House competitions will enjoy privacy, comfort and luxury.

Julia: This is our first bedroom, the Construction Corner. It houses 4 people and removes all form of happiness, comfort or decoration. Not everyone's first choice in room, but unfortunately four unlucky souls will call this home, until another spot becomes available of course!

Julia: On the right hand side of the entrance hall we have two doors again. The door on the right leads to the second bedroom, while the one on the left leads to the last bedroom of the house, which also acts as a hallway to the rest of the house.

Julia: The second room is the Halloween Hideout! A lot more luxurious than the Construction Corner, but a lot more spookier. It holds enough space of 6 people, however, the housemates here will have to share beds in order to sleep comfortably. If a housemate has a strong fear of spiders, pumpkins or all things spooky, this is not the room for them.

Julia: The third bedroom of the house, and the hallway to the kitchen and dining room, is The Playroom. This room holds only 3 people but you get, funnily enough, zero privacy, since everyone needs to go through this room to get anywhere in the house. Regardless, in this room housemates are sure to play games.

Julia: Here we have the final bedroom, the Head of Household suite! Complete with a personal bathroom, massage table, music player, double bed and lockable door; this bedroom is the top of the luxurious totem pole! Any housemate who wins HoH will be living in luxury, until they get knocked from their power that is.

Julia: From the Playroom (the door on the left), we have the spacious kitchen where all the house meals will be made and served. No housemate will go hungry with this kitchen, we just hope that at least one of them knows how to cook!

Julia: From the kitchen we have one of the only bathrooms in the house. Not much time will be spent in here by our cameras, but its a necessary addition to the house. Apparently even housemates need to shower and pee!

Julia: Conjoined to the kitchen, we have our dining room for the contestants to eat all of their meals. It sits 14 people, but by the end of the season will start to feel like the most empty room of the house.

Julia: From the dining room is our backyard. This backyard is a big change from last season's house, which featured a large pool, spa and fitness area. This time, the only things we have are a firepit to talk around, and an easy game of a horseshoes. This will certainly confine the housemates to small areas. Less space, more drama!

Julia: Finally we have our lounge room! This is where all house meetings will be held, including talks with me, nominations, voting and evictions.

Julia: The two black seats at the end of the room are reserved for the nominees and possible evictees. Housemates want to spend as little time in those chairs as possible, otherwise they may be the ones being sent home!

Julia: The last room in our house is the Diary Room. Here in the DR, housemates will be able to confess their sins, talk about their problems, strategies or whatever is going on in their lives in the house. Expect some juicy gossip coming from here!


Julia: Well that just about wraps up our new house... For now. There are far more secrets to this house than meets the eye! But for now lets move on.

Julia: I'm joined here tonight by a very special guest, who will give us some insight into the game, and what he thinks of this season's house and contestants! Please put your hands together for everyone's favourite housemate and winner of Zero Privacy, Season 1! MR DOUBLEY!
*The audience applauds*

*Mr Doubley waves enthusiastically at the audience*
Julia: Thank you for joining us today Doubley!
Mr Doubley: Thank you.

Julia: Now Mr Doubley, you were on last season, in fact, you won. What do you think of the new house?!
Mr Doubley: *thinks for a moment* Less Privacy! More fun!
Julia: Haha! Yes it is a lot smaller than last seasons, we expect plenty of drama and no where to hide!

Julia: Now I just HAVE to ask, last season you won $1,000,000 simoleons... What did you do with it all?!
Mr Doubley: Hehe! Jet airplane for Teddy! Hawaiian vacation!
Julia: Oooh! Sounds like a tonne of fun! Have you caught up with any of your former housemates?Flint, Angel or Daphanie?
Mr Doubley: Victory party! On a boat! Hehe!
Julia: Sounds like you've been living it up since you won!

Julia: Enough chit chat... Lets get to the moment we've all been waiting for! Lets meet our first 5 housemates for this season!
Mr Doubley: *claps in excitement*


Julia: Here we have five of our new housemates in our waiting room. They've been told not to communicate with anyone before entering the house. But lets have a look our new friends, shall we?

Julia: This is Roxy Callahan. The "Slightly Insane Klutz". She's a 24 year old receptionist who is sweet but having a rough time. Roxy is sponsored by Kaliko103... Not sure what brand that is.

Julia: Our second housemate Sean Sierra, is a 25 year old, father of two and part time children's author. "The Super Daddy"... Which in the context of his career and fatherhood, is very appropriate, we swear. His appearance tonight is sponsored by Tigerblu11: "When you want tigers; You go blue!"

Julia: Thirdly, we have Shannon Mackmilton. At 41 years old, she is a stay at home mother, and ex-teacher. Her motherly charm and caring personality earns her the title of "The Caring Mum". Shannon is sponsered tonight by Penguinwa101: for all your penguin related needs.

Julia: Our next housemate is Fabian Romero. The 31 year old Deck Hand, or as we like to call him: "The Hungry Sailor". Fabian is here tonight by Smarties100. "Not as good as M&Ms but chocolate is chocolate."

Julia: The last of our first group to enter is Jeremy Yuka! He's a 26 year old Comic book and Manga artist, or as we have dubbed him, "The Isolated Artist"... You'll see why. He's here tonight by Twiddle3, a company that manufactures all your bath-time rubber ducks.

Julia: Lets let them in, shall we?


Julia: Housemates, welcome to the Zero Privacy house.
Fabian: Sweet! Check out this place!
Sean: I can't even believe we're finally here!

Roxy: Oh wow, it's so pretty. I could never have imagined what the house could even look like!
Jeremy: It looks beautiful... I hope it's all new and clean.

Fabian: Hey, nice to meet ya man. My name's Fabian!
Sean: Sean. Nice to meet you.

Fabian: I'm hell excited for this game, man. So where are you from, what do you do?
Sean: Funny you should ask, I'm a children's writer.
Fabian: No sh*t? Couldn't have guessed.
Sean: Well, it makes sense once you know I'm a father of two beautiful girls.
Sean: Father of two already? And you look way younger than I am! Haha.

Shannon: Oh my gosh! Hiiii! I'm Shannon!
Roxy: *half falls into Shannon's embrace* Hi! Roxy.
Shannon: Oops. Sorry darling. I'm hugging too tight, aren't I?
Roxy: A little, but I don't mind.
Shannon: I'm just so excited, this is my favourite show!

Shannon: Hi there! My name is Shannon, its lovely to meet you. Hug?
Jeremy: Um... I-I'm... Jeremy. Please no hug!!!
Shannon: Oh!... Well that's alright. The offer is always open.
Jeremy: O-oh... Thank you.

Fabian: Well... Should we explore the house while we wait?
Roxy: I think we should stay nearby in case others come in.
Sean: Good idea. Lets explore this house!

Jeremy: Cool... S-spooky. But... too many people in one r-room...
Roxy: This room looks fun! Reminds me of going Trick or Treating. Plus look at the endless candy.
Shannon: I wouldn't eat that sweetie, I think it's plastic.
Roxy: Are you sure? I don't think those pumpkins would lie to me.

Fabian: Woah... This room is... Interesting. Not my kinda style, but hey, I'm sure others would disagree.

Sean: Yeah... I agree. This room isn't for me.
Fabian: What?! You're a children's writer! This room is specifically for you.

Sean: Nah... Reminds me too much of home.
Fabian: Ah... Your girls?
Sean: Yeah...
Fabian: I'm here if you need a shoulder, dude.


Julia: Alright... We've met our first five who are starting to settle in, but lets meet the next 5 housemates for this season, shall we?

Julia: Meet housemate number 6. Vanessa Tomaz. Also know as Vanessa Diva. She's a 22 year old aspiring singer, known as the "Obnoxious Pink Diva". She's sponsored by Nani.

Julia: Next is Paige Morgan. At 28, she works in the medical field. "The Kind Healer", in times of trouble, Paige is there to help. She's here tonight by Alleenmens.

Julia: Meet Emery Ring, a 21 year old jewellery store owner, known to us as the "Klutzy Vegetarian Pro". As far as I've been told, he doesn't have a sponsor tonight, but we do know that he Lovesstorms... Oh no wait... That's an umbrella company.

Julia: The next housemate, housemate number 9 is Arthur Nutt. The oldest competitor this season, he's aged 72 and is a retired "Nutty War Vet". He's brought to you by the famous artist Turner.

Julia: The last, but certainly not least of our group of housemates is Sonia Jobs. Sonia is a hacker for the Police Force, and is 23 years old. She is a "Detective Hacker Genius". Tonight, she is sponsored by production company, x_MG_x.

Julia: Lets let them in, shall we?


Julia: Welcome housemates to the Zero Privacy house!
Vanessa: Hey everyone! Vanessa Diva in the house!
Sonia: Hello everybody!

Shannon: Welcome guys!
Sonia: Thank you, how long have you guys been in?
Roxy: Only a couple of minutes.
Arthur: My my, what a colourful bunch of recruits.

Paige: Hi there. My name is Paige, nice to meet you.
Fabian: Nice to meet you too, dude. Welcome to our home for the next few weeks.
Paige: It looks fantastic. I'm so excited. I could probably pass out from hyperventilation right now.
Fabian: Please don't do that.

Vanessa: Hey cute-stuff, I'm Vanessa but feel free to call me Diva, or any time at all really.
Sean: Umm... Hey there. I'm Sean. 

Vanessa: Hey there darling. What's your name? I'm Shannon.
Sonia: My name is Sonia. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Jeremy: Hi... I'm Germy... I mean. You're germy... No wait! I mean I'm J-Jeremy. *sighs*
Sonia: Pleasure to meet you as well, Jeremy.

Arthur: Ahhh.. A place to rest mah achin' back. This must be the barracks.

Arthur: Let me just spray mah cot for bed bugs... Don't want nothin' to enter mah ear while I'm sleepin' and alter my memories.

Arthur: Ahh... Perfect.

*contestants are chatting away amongst themselves greeting each other and learning names*
*until a loud BAM is heard by the door*

Emery: *trips backward and bangs into the door*... Oh... My... God. How embarrassing.

*Everyone goes quiet and turns to face Emery*
Emery: Uhhhh. Heh... Sorry... Hello everyone! I'm Emery. Heh... *whispers to self* Bad first impression.

Roxy: *rushes to give Emery a hug* Here! I'm Roxy! I know EXACTLY how it feels to fall and make a fool of yourself. Don't worry! It happens to everyone, especially me.
Emery: Thank you Roxy. That makes me feel a lot better.

Julia: Housemates! Please adjourn to the lounge, for further instructions.
Roxy: Umm... Where is the lounge?
Julia: Through the Playroom, kitchen, dining room and backyard.
Vanessa: Uh. What idiot designed such a stupidly shaped house?!
(Haylo: HEY! It worked fine in premise!)

Arthur: Lounge room? What kind of trenches have the luxury of a living room?


Julia: Hello housemates!
Housemates: Hello Julia!
Julia: Welcome to Season 2 of Zero Privacy. I hope that you're all ready for the game you are about to play. It will test you in ways you've never been tested before.

Julia: As you know, each we will crown a Head of Household, who will nominate two people for eviction. We will also play in the Power of Plumbob competition, where one of you will be able to win the ability to take one of the nominees off the chopping block. The HoH will replace that person. At the end of each week, one nominee will be evicted via a vote from the house. The last housemate standing will win $1,000,000 simoleons! Are you ready?
Everyone: YES!!!
Julia: I bet you are!

Julia: But before we crown our first Head of Household, you may have noticed there are only 10 housemates. Which is one less person than last season.

Julia: You may have also noticed that there is a total space to fit 14 people, here on the couches. Well...

Julia: I'd like for you all now to direct your attention here!
Housemates: Oooh?!

Julia: We would like to welcome our special guest 11th housemate...

Julia: Tristan Van Gould!
Tristan: Yes! Back in the game, reminds me of Abnormality all over again.

Julia: Welcome Tristan Van Gould. 22, he's the former fashion designer, turned aspiring "Thoughtful Songwriter" know from his appearance on Abnormality Season 5: The Lost Season. He's here thanks to the online toy fox company, M13Vulpecula .com!

Julia: Tristan is our first returning reality show veteran of the season here to shake things up. However, let's meet veteran number 2 and housemate number 12...

Julia: Rebecca Pierce!
Rebecca: Wow... I can't believe I got invited to be here. This is insane!

Julia: Meet Rebecca! She's 26, and a street worker and SimTube personality. She's the "Thankful Life Changer" who has inspired as all! She was also originally seen on Abnormality Season 5: The Lost Season, and is brought to you by YJB19299.

Rebecca: Tristan?!
Tristan: Rebecca?!
Rebecca: They let you join this show too! I can't believe it!
Tristan: It's been so long but I am SO glad I get to do this all again, and with you!!
Rebecca: We'll get to catch ups later, we've got a game to play and our work cut out for us.

Roxy: What a shocker! I remember those two! That's crazy!
Vanessa: No way! Abnormality was one of my favourite shows! I watched it every time it was on. This is unbelievable!

Paige: I can't wait to meet them!
Sonia: Wait, everyone! Someone else is coming!

Julia: Sonia is right, meet our last veteran and final contestant, 13! Kayle McCarther!

Kayle: Unlucky number 13... Ooooh! How unlucky!... But not for me of course!
Julia: Welcome Kayle McCarther to the house. Previously seen on season 1 of the gameshow Locked, Kayle is 22 years old and currently works as a Professional Stand-In-Liner and part time Professional Cuddler, but a full-time "Crazy Professional". She is sponsored by Ninjakid150. "The Ninjakid150 company, teaching tots taekwondo since 1996".

Kayle: Hey gurlllss! Like my new hat?!
Rebecca: Hey, I remember you. From Locked, right? Welcome to the Veterans!
Tristan: That outfit sure is... Interesting, Kayle. I'm actually somewhat curious to see your whole wardrobe! Haha!

Julia: Veterans, please adjourn to the lounge, to find your fellow housemates who have already arrived.

Julia: Welcome housemates, newbies and veterans alike! You may be curious as to why we have invited 3 previous gameshow contestants into the game. You may think this is part of an elaborate twist. I'm here to ease your worries, there is no veteran vs newbie twist. 
However, there ARE more twists to come.

Julia: You may be wondering who your 14th housemate is... Well... Lets just say he is a reality gameshow first... Please welcome your 14th housemate...

Julia: Arguably the cutest housemate to have entered the house...

Julia: ZP the cat!

Kayle: OMG! A kitty!
Roxy: I love cats!

Vanessa: Remind me of my cat back home!
Vanessa: I am just in LOVE with cats. I can't wait to meet her.. him? Her-him?

Jeremy: C-cat?!?! Y-you mean... Flea bitten... Unclean... Licks his b-hole and then his b-body... Dirty... C-cat?!

Arthur: What an interesting looking attack dog. What breed is it? Bloodhound? Bulldog? Certainly not one of those German Shepherds?!
Fabian: Yeah... I'm not a cat person either. Can't we get like, a fish or something?

Julia: Please be caring to our fellow furry guest. That is all for now. I will be back to you all soon for our first HoH competition. Until then, feel free to introduce yourselves and explore the house. Thank you housemates!


Julia: Well there we are, our 13 housemates for this season. A very diverse bunch this season, including people of all ages, personalities and walks of life, including three gameshow veterans and one cute as a button cat!

Julia: Mr Doubley, as the winner of the first season of Zero Privacy, who would you say is most likely to be the biggest threat of becoming the winner this season?

Mr Doubley: *pauses for a couple of seconds to think before raising his finger as if he has an idea*... The kitty!
Julia: You heard it here first people, no one will be able to get passed his adorable charm and his ability to rip any contestant's throat out with just one claw. Mr Doubley has voted that ZP the cat will be the winner this season.

Julia: However, if one thing is for certain, anything can happen. We have a house full of secrets and a brand new twist that will later be dropped onto the housemates. It's a season full of fun, drama and competition! Stay tuned!
Mr Doubley: Ooooh!
Julia: That's all from us on the stage tonight, but for now we'll head back to the house as the new houseguests introduce themselves to each other. I've been Julia Price, and I'll see you tomorrow night for the first Head of Household competition! Goodnight!


Sean: I guess we should do some introductions, right?
Sonia: Smart choice. Care to begin?
Sean: Hey all, nice to meet you all. My name’s Sean Sierra, I’m a 25-year-old father, and surprisingly, I write children’s books. Maybe not too surprising if you knew me, but bet you wouldn’t have thought that when you laid your eyes on me today, huh? Well, here I am. Didn’t think I’d ever be on reality television – it always seemed like my sister would be the one for it, but she’s too busy following her own dreams and ambitions now. I wouldn’t trade in raising Daisy and Phoebe for the world, though. Didn’t think I would be raising children by myself at this age either, but life isn’t a straight-through process. It’s filled with crazy stuff, like this show, for us. Hmm…what else to talk about? I’m sure my sexuality doesn’t define me, but for all you guys to know, I am in fact bisexual, so I could be attracted to all ya’ll. Though, probably not. Won’t be so greedy, hey. What else? Suppose the what else is what you’ll discover, isn’t it? Let’s get this game rolling!

Fabian: Hey chums! I'm Fabian Romero, I work as a Deck Hand on a Fishing Boat. I love my job, however it hasn't really been paying well lately since we got ourselves a new captain. I like to make stuff out of metal, I know it's a bit vague but like sculptures and sh*t like that. Um, well yeah, it'll be good to get to know you all. Peace!

Arthur: Hey y'all, I have apparently been graced by God to be in the presence of all you lovely people. I know we have all shared similar experiences back in our times in Vietnam, but it is my sole hope that together, we can help each other overcome our collective suffering. I am here to lend an ear to anyone who needs it, but just be sure to give it back because I can't afford to lose another one! Harharharhaha! I'll never forget that day back in Nam when that little Riceboy tried to blow my left ear right off! He was surely mistaken, that little younglin'. He din't know what was happening, but I s'pose ignore is bliss, right? Which is why the MAJORITY of folk around these parts REFUSES to believe that the gov'ment is tryna kill us, slowly but surely, I tells ya! Those chemtrails are a real thing, trust me. You'll see. But enough about dat, I'm justah boring old retired Texan, you don't want to hear mah whole life story. Let's hear from this pretty little doll to my right instead!

Emery:  Hi, everyone! I’m Emery Ring. I’m a computer guru and enjoy…um..research. I own a jewellery store called Full Circle. Some say I’m a klutz, I guess. I just think I have two left feet. 

I’ve been all over the world for my jewellery store as I want the finest metals and jewels for my customers. I have quite a few stories from my travels. Like, the one time I met a prince at the airport and he…

*receives a look from some of the others*

*clears throat*

Perhaps another time. You’ll love it, though. I look forward to conversing with you all.

Sonia: Hi, my name is Sonia Jobs. I am 23-year-old girl who works at the police. I hope we can get along.

Paige: *waving* Hi guys and girls… I’m Paige Morgan and I’m here to have fun!

Germy: *Looking down at the floor* "Hi... Yeah, So... Um, Yeah... *Awkward silence* Like, I'm Jeremy but my friends call me Germy and I... *Nervous laugh* ... So, Yeah, I draw Manga and stuff... *Takes out Hand Sanitizer from his back pocket and thoroughly scrubs his hands* ...That's it"

Tristan: 'Sup, it's Tristan Van Gould at it again here. Again. For the forth time again. So. My main and ultimate goal for being here is to prove to the world that I am NOT jinxed when it comes to reality tv appearances. ​That, and world domination... Just kidding, hahaha. Though I'd still like to see this season finish. But most of all I want to leave my past the past. I want to look at the future instead. And in part of that future I see myself being a singer-songwriter.

Rebecca: Hey, my name is Rebecca Pierce, I'm 26 years old and I'm a street worker from Hidden Springs. Some of you might know me from my SimTube Channel LifeWithRe, but most of you might know me from my participation in Abnormality Season 5 which sadly got cancelled because of the incident with Ava, Ali and Even. As far as I know all three of them are doing fine right now. Anyway, I know I already talked about this in Abnormality, but I've come from a dark past which involved the death of my mum, me running away from home, false friends, criminal activities and almost dying from a drug overdose, but I won't explain it fully because its a really long story. But feel free to ask me questions while we are here. I'm just glad I'm in a place where I can consider myself very happy. Even though I still have some debts to pay, I have a loving boyfriend supporting me, and a job that makes me complete. Recently my SimTube Channel kinda blow up which makes me also very happy because I see a lot of people digging the message I'm delivering, which is everybody deserves a chance for help. The main reason why I applied though is that I missed the thrill I had in Abnormality. I missed all these challenges and get to know people I never would've met. Of course I want to win, but I also want to have fun here. And...thats with my long story *laughs*.

Vanessa: Heyyy! I'm Vanessa Diva. Your day has just become so much better because I am here, you're welcome. I'm a singer ...amateur singer. I'm gonna be BIG! I'll win this show and with the money I'll make my first album. I already have the songs, wanna hear one *clears throat* -...

Shannon: Hi everyone! I'm Shannon I'm here for obviously the prize but for my family as well, and I hope to win and have a good time doing so. *chuckles*

Roxy: Hello everyone! My name is Roxy! I can't wait to get to know you all, it's going to be sooo much fun. Oh, and this--*takes a rock out of pocket*--is my pet; his name is Henry, so please be nice to him. Thanks! :D

Kayle: I’m back back back again people from Locked to Zero Privacy, where I won’t give anyone privacy! Julia Price told me to make sure someone is here to stir the pot, let’s play some fun games my chicken mcnuggets.

ZP: *meows at the camera*

*The contestants all chat amongst themselves... Just kidding they're actually all singing which is quite the hilarious thing to witness*



Arthur Nutt - Turner
Emery Ring - Lovesstorms
Fabian Romero - Smarties100
Jeremy Yuka - Twiddle3
Kayle McCarther - Ninjakid150
Paige Morgan - Alleenmens
Rebecca Pierce - YJB19299
Roxy Callahan - Kaliko103
Sean Sierra - Tigerblu11
Shannon Mackmilton - Penguinwa101
Sonia Jobs - x_MG_x
Tristan Van Gould - M13Vulpecula
Vanessa Tomaz - Nani

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