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Zero Privacy: Season 2: Episode 2 - First HoH

Episode 2:
First HoH


Julia: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Julia Price, your host of Zero Privacy! 
Last night we met our 13 new housemates as they willingly entered the most stressful house found on reality sim television.

Julia: Tonight, we will see our very first Head of Household be crowned in the very first competition of the season, and that one lucky housemate will get the ultimate power of the week. But first let's have a look into how these 13 contestants are coping with their new housemates, their new surroundings and the new game. 

Julia: One thing is for certain, these housemates are going to very quickly learn that they will have...

The Awesome Zero Privacy Season 2 Leader! Created by our favourite Dutch Fox and the creator of Tristan, M13Vulpecula!


Germy: "So... What? Stop staring at me... You're making me nervous... *Takes out Hand Sanitizer from his back pocket and thoroughly scrubs his hands* What? I said stop it!

*Awkward silence as Germy stares at the camera visibly uncomfortable*

"...That red blinking light, Is it meant to be constantly flashing like that? *Points at camera* It's really annoying me... Ah, So that means it's on, right? What was that? Millions of people watching?" 

*Nervously sinks into the chair* 

"I don't... Well... It's better than being... You know... Out there... I can stay in here all day if I wanted to... Not that I will, It's just... I tried to hide in the bathroom but they kept bothering me... This is hard, You know? Tougher than I..."

*Looks visibly scared at the thought of going back outside*


Germy: (Through the door) Why am I here? Why am I here?! This is not okay, nothing here is okay!

Vanessa: *hums happily* Mmm lala lala

Vanessa: *goes to open door*... Um? Hello? Is someone in there? *knocks heavily* HELLO?!

Vanessa: (Through the door) I have to get in here! I need to use the bathroom and fix my hair!
Germy: NO! G-go... Go away! This new bathroom is clean and s-sterile and I'm not coming out! Leave me alone!
Vanessa: I don't care! Let me in! I need to use the bathroom!

Germy: This is the only room with a lock! I'm not c-coming out! Not for you! Not for anyone! There are cameras and unclean strangers everywhere... I'm safe and secure here and this is my h-home until I leave.

Vanessa: I swear to God! If you don't let me in I'll scream! Find another place to hide!
Germy: NO!
Vanessa: That's it germ-boy! I'm breaking down the door!


"Don't make me go out there... I won't... I mean... *Exhales nervously* ...Okay, What do you say to people you don't know? Like, I'm scared, Okay? I don't really... Well not always... I just don't talk to people I don't know, Is that a crime? 

*Awkward silence*

"And then there's the cat..."

*Eye twitches*

"...seriously, I thought they had a no pets rule! That's why I like my apartment, There are no pets allowed... Or strangers... Or... The mailman! Like, He really makes me uncomfortable... Like, Deliver the mail and go away, I don't want to talk to you... Ever have that problem? *Sigh of relief* Okay, I'm going now... That felt great! Really got that off my chest"


Fabian: Well... I guess we're picking beds, right? The HoH challenge isn't for a while yet.
Rebecca: Yup! Tris and I are taking the bed at the back.
Fabian: Right. *turns to Sean* I guess it's you and me bud.

Sean: The good thing about this room is the free candy.
*goes to grab a piece of candy but gets sprayed with smoke*
Sean: Gah! Ew... I guess nothing is truly free.

Fabian: Bahaha! It isn't called Trick or Treat for nothing. Sometimes you just gotta get tricked.

Roxy: So I think that Paige and Kayle are taking The Playroom beds and I think they disinfected the other bed for Germy, so that he'd leave the bathroom. So I guess... would you mind sharing a bed Emery? 

Emery: It's that, or the smelly Construction Corner. So I'm definitely for sharing a bed... I hope that's okay.
Roxy: Omgosh! Yay! I've already spoken to Henry, and it's TOTALLY okay!

Emery: Henry? You mean, Fabian? or do you mean me, Emery?
Roxy: No silly! I meant my friend, Henry.
Emery: Oh! Right! Cool!... I must warn you though, I have a tendency to fall out of bed in my sleep.

Roxy: *giggles* That's okay! I tend to fall a lot too, but I'm a pretty still sleeper.
Emery: That leads me to something I wanted to say to you. I wanted to thank you... Like, genuinely thank you. For what happened earlier. It was really embarrassing and I'm glad you came to my rescue. I think you make a great friend.

Roxy: Awww sweetie! Here! *hugs Emery* I was just doing what I wish someone would have done for me every time I stumbled or embarrassed myself.
Emery: Well, thank you Roxy. I appreciate that. 

Emery: Hey um... Why is there a rock on your bedside table?
Roxy: Ooooh. Emery meet Henry!
Emery: Um... Hi?


Sonia: I've had a conversation with Rebecca. She is a SimTube star so I'm interested in........the technology she uses to make her video. As a fan of technology, it interests me. I then brought up ways to improve the quality of the videos she makes by tweaking the camera as well as improving her computer. I kinda gotten embarrassed over talking that with Rebecca, but I'm glad that I did it.


Sonia: So Rebecca, may I ask you a question?
Rebecca: Yeah! Of course! Go ahead.

Sonia: You've produced a lot of SimTube videos, correct?
Rebecca: Yeah! I went viral with my self-help videos. I like to give out some really inspiration messages to my subscribers.

Sonia: That's amazing. What I would really like to know about is how you make the videos. What programs do you use? What camera do you record with? Howaboutyourcomputerandyourinternetspeedandyouirjiiifskdkfejwn!!!!

Rebecca: Woah! Woah! So much enthusiasm. Where do I even begin?
Sonia: Hehe! Sorry. I just HAD to ask!
Rebecca: Well, I've only really been doing SimTube for the past year, since just before Abnormality. So I don't have the best tech or make the most perfect videos, yet!

Rebecca: So basically, I started out with my old laptop, which at the time wasn't much before I upgraded to an actual desktop computer, once I had the money and really got into making the videos.
Sonia: Mhmm... Mhmm... And what were the specs of your computer? Did it have an i9-8200K processor? What about your RAM? Was it 64GB or still 32? How about your-...
*Sonia starts to blush*

Rebecca: Sonia? Are you blushing?
Sonia: Oh!... Um... N-no! Not at all. 

Rebecca: Alright. If you say so... Anyway, what was the question?
Sonia: Nevermind all that. Let me tell you the BEST way to improve your microphone audio output. I know how to make it sound so clear that everyone can almost hear what you're saying before you say it! 


Rebecca: "Well, quite a long time ago since I sat in a room like this. I'm liking this house very much. Maybe not as fancy as the Abnormality House, but who needs fancy anyway, right? Hehe, anyway, what was I going to say again? Oh right, thank you for putting Tris and me back together here. Seriously, I missed him sooo much. We used to have more phone contact but I got busy with charity, SimTube and Aaron. I'm so happy to see him and I am convinced we will get along as good as in Abnormality. About the others, they seem quite nice as well. I could definitely see myself getting along with them, although Sean and Sonia might be my favourites so far. Germy is also cool, but doesn't really talk much. I'm just hoping that they don't see me as a big threat because I'm well known. Well, its not like I've won anything there except an amazing new friend, a cute handsome boyfriend and a pool party. Huh, I wonder if Tris has still contact to Ollie."


Tristan: "​Nice to be back on a show. And it's really great to see Becky beck-yn this as well, apologies for the pun, bwahah. But yeah, glad to be here. From a full game perspective though, I can't just stick with Becky to hang out with; I need to make other friends, or at least allies, as well. Still need to get out there and mingle some more, though I've got some first impressions already and surprisingly, some of the housemates remind me of some of the housemates I've lived with in the past: 

Like, Shannon reminds me a bit of Leah, both are of those strong mother figures to the younger rest; Kayle is crazy fun who's been on another show before, the only thing which breaks the comparison to Ali and Ava is that Kayle's just one person. And Emery somehow has a bit of that Aaron-ish vibe on him: actually really timid and gentle.

Some of the people left a bit of a less impression on me: Vanessa, even though we're both into music, really gives me that divaish vibe, which somehow reminds me of a certain 'phase' I'd much rather forget about. Brrr.. And Arthur... I dunno how or why, but he somewhat give me the creeps only one person I knew managed to give me... I wanna look into the future though... Brrrr...."

*Tristan shivers a little, but readjusts himself*


Sean: So Tristan, what have you been up to since we last saw you on television?
Tristan: A lot actually. I assume you both saw Abnormality Season 5?

Sean: Yeah I did. I used to watch that show... When I had that time. You went through a lot of changes on there, didn't you?
Tristan: Yeah, I did. I finally stopped lying to myself and the world, and stopped living in the past. I mean, I stopped being a vampire, stopped being the stereotype that drove my late father crazy... Now I'm, well... Me!
Sean: That's actually really great to hear, man. Good for you.

Vanessa: OMG! Guys! Just look at him. Look at his beauty! Look at his cute little ears!

Tristan: Don't get me wrong, I'm still hella gay... Just not as crazy as I was before. But now, I'm chasing my dreams. My REAL dreams. I'm trying hard to get into the music industry. Write my own songs. Trying to let the world hear my voice.
Sean: Your story is already so inspirational. Albeit, a little crazy and well... Unorthodox, but it's still good to see your life turn for the better.

Tristan: Well, knock on wood that things are going up from here. My past is still... haunting, but I'm heading down the right road now.
Sean: I'm happy for you. I was a bit like you... Well, okay not at all really. But in a sense that I've become wiser and I'm making good choices about who I want to be in the future.

Sean: I'm doing my best to make sure my daughters have a good example, and well... That I have a good life. A better life than I did before. I wanna follow my dreams, I'm just not confident on what those quite are yet.

Vanessa: Hey! Sorry I was totally listening the entire time. I was totally not distracted by a cat or anything... But like, I wanna follow my dreams too, ya know! I really wanna become a singer! The next pop star!

Tristan: Well, my only advice for you is to go for it, girl! Hey, perhaps we could do a duet one day. Or if we get bored, a singing competition. haha!
Sean: Or a talent contest, I mean I know its only early but I'm sure so many people here have plenty of talent hidden away.

Vanessa: Hey yeah. I have a TONNE of talent! I mean look at me. How could you look at this perfect body and not think "Dayummn. This girl has talent!"?


Shannon: Oooh. Careful Paige. Easy darling!
Paige: Got it! I'm getting the hang of this. I've never played it before either.
Kayle: I've played it sooo much! In fact, I was once almost state champion for this game. I lost to a magician though. He sure did have a way of making the logs disappear.

Shannon: Hey Kayle. I hope you don't mind me asking but... I was a HUGE fan on Locked. Meeting you is fulfilling a huge fantasy of mine! Tell me, what was it like?

Kayle: It was so much fun! I met heaps of great people on there. In fact, I'm married now! I got married to Eric from the show.
Paige: Oooh. I remember the proposal on the series finale.

Kayle: We had a BIG wedding.  I rode in on an EL-E-PHANT! We even got KT to come and sing for us. It really was great. You should have been there. The whole cast showed up.
Shannon: You have no idea how much I wish I was, hun. You have NO idea!
Kayle: It was a really great reunion actually. I got to see all my great friends again. Shia, Zaire, Regina... I was really happy to have one of Devon's great meals again.

Fabian: Did someone mention fried chicken? Mmmmmm!
Paige: Umm... No. I don't think so. Sorry!

Fabian: *mutter to self* I swear I heard someone mention food.

Paige: You know, I'm so glad that Leroy won that season and took home that money. It was so noble of him, because he was playing for his sister. I really cherish that. Such a generous sweetheart... And so cute! Gosh I wonder if he's single! Hehe

Shannon: Oh gosh! Paige, maybe Kayle could introduce you to your future husband!
Paige: Hahaha! Well, maybe after he sees me on this show, we can meet on an All-Star show or the after party!

Paige: But seriously... I'm just really happy to have seen him win. It's nice to see someone be so generous with winning so much money. I see a lot of people in need in my daily life, and it's comforting to see money being put to help someone. Family is everything too!
Shannon: Amen to that!

Kayle: Oh god. I missed a hair while shaving... I disgust myself.


Arthur: Look at him over there.
Fabian: Yeah he is pretty cute... I'm more of a dog person though... Or a shark person.
Arthur: Cute! PAH! He's deadly... A soldier of evil.

Arthur: He's fixin' to attack...

Arthur: German Spy...

Arthur: He's watchin' us, ever so carefully...

Arthur: Listenin' to every word we're sayin' and relayin' it back to the General.

Arthur: Either that... Or he's one of them government drones... Spyin' on us to-...
ZP: *meows*

Arthur: LOOK OUT! He's gonna self destruct! Or worse... He's gonna spill all my secrets from what happened in 'nam! or he's gonna systematically reduce my retirement funds until I'm poor and dead, while them rich cats get richer!

Fabian: That, OR he's just a regular cat... You know, doing regular cat things.
Arthur: I'm not so sure.

Arthur: Whatever you are. Scram! Shoo! Get away from my money!
ZP: *meows sadly*

Julia: HOUSEMATES! Please report to the living room, your first Head of Household challenge is about to begin!


Julia: Welcome housemates, it's great to see you all again.
Everyone: Hi Julia!
Julia: I believe you've all started settling into your new home for the next few months? I pray that you're all enjoying it so far!
Everyone: Yes!
Germy: NO! Get me out of here!

Julia: Good...-ish. Well, regardless, tonight one of you will win the ultimate power for this week. One of you will win the power to nominate two of your fellow housemates for eviction. You'll also receive your own private bedroom and bathroom with a LOT of privileges. In order to get this poewr, you'll have to win the challenge set before you. 
Everyone, please head through the Diary Room to the Arena!

(The Arena)

Julia: Welcome to the Arena. Your first Head of Household challenge is titled "Bomb's Away!" and will be played here on this 10 x 10 grid!

Julia: Each of you will be sitting here, at these battle stations. Firstly, each of you will pick 3 positions on the grid. These will be your lives, so protect them at all costs!

Julia: Each round, you will each pick a coordinate to bomb. Any lives at that coordinate will be destroyed, and only rubble will remain. The last person with lives still standing will win! 

Julia: Is everything understood? Any questions?
Sean: Yeah, what if there is a tie at the end... Say multiple people pick the same spot and no one can win without bombing themselves?
Julia: Very good question! In the event of a tie, the person who has bombed the most people will be crowned HoH. Shall we begin?... Okay!


Julia: Alright everyone, please select your positions in preparation for round 1!

Sonia: Oh wow... These battle stations are beautiful! The technology is to die for... Perhaps for this mission, I can hack the system to see where the others are hiding their lives and bomb accordingly. Piece of cake.
Julia: We will remind everyone, *coughsSoniacoughs* that cheating by any means is frowned upon and will be punished severely.
Sonia: Understood.

Arthur: Excuse me, can y'all help an old man? How do I use this thing?

Roxy: Um... I don't mean to be a bother but... I don't have a computer, just an empty glass.
Julia: Oops! Slight technical error, we'll send someone to fix that up right away!

Sean: No one will find me in these spots. This should be easy! Rule #1 of parenting. Master hide and seek.

Vanessa: There we are. Totally hidden! Vanessa Diva is gonna win that private bathroom!

Julia: Alright, everyone is locked in. Let's begin with Round 1!


Arthur: Alright soldiers! We must protect ourselves from enemy onslaught at all cost! Protect coordinates A1, A2, A3 at all costs to ensure minimal casualties, so we can win this dastardly war and take back our freedom!

Arthur (A1 and A2) - 1 life remaining
Kayle (C6) - 2 lives remaining
Sean (D8) - 2 lives remaining
Vanessa (D8) - 2 lives remaining

Arthur: I need reinforcements at A3, immediately!

Kayle: Aww darn! Down a life. But like any good video game, I'm sure I can find an extra life around here somewhere!


Arthur (A3) - ELIMINATED
Germy (J1) - 2 lives remaining
Fabian (J1) - 2 lives remaining
Shannon (C1) - 2 lives remaining 
Vanessa (H3) - 1 life remaining

Arthur: We've been invaded! Our soldiers are down, the bombs are fallin'!!! BOMBS?! AHHHHH!!!!

Arthur: Duck for cover! To the trenches! They're destroyin' everything and takin' our freedom!

Arthur: General! What are your orders? General?! We're being bombed by the enemy! WE NEED ORDERS!!!


Fabian: Alright, prepared to be bombed cause this seems like a smart move!

Shannon: Here we go! Take a bomb from Mumma Shan! Hehe!

Tristan (G7) - 2 lives remaining
Shannon (G5) - 1 life remaining
Rebecca (G8 and C9) - 1 life remaining
Sonia (I1 and C9) - 1 life remaining

Rebecca: Two lives down? So early?! ****... Oh well, I've bounced back from worse than this.

Sonia: Who would have hit I1? I One = I won! Surely that was a masterful combination.


Everyone: Take this! Take that! Eat my bomb! Bombs away... Ohhh now I get the Title!

Paige (E5 and C3) - 1 life remaining

Paige: I was the only person to be hit... And I've been hit twice? That's very unfair... I guess I'm used to saving lives rather than hitting them.

Emery: Oh wow... I'm surprised I still have all my lives left, and I'm the only person who has all 3! Keep it together Emery, don't accidentally send a bomb to your own square and you might win this!


Kayle: I'm gonna hit you like a paper-cut, A4... Get it! PAPER!! Hahahah!
Tristan: Take my bomb, b****! Oh... Wow... I just got super competitive. I am so sorry.

Kayle (J6) - 1 life remaining
Tristan (B5) - 1 life remaining
Emery (A7) - 2 lives remaining

Paige: That's a shame... Two rounds is all it took for me to fall.

Arthur: *inaudible screaming*
Paige: Oh boy... Someone send help.


Germy: Ugh... I still refuse to touch this keyboard. Who knows what disgusting filth is underneath!

Tristan: This has got to be a hit this time! 

Roxy (F9 and I8) - 1 life remaining
Sean (E2) - 1 life remaining
Shannon (F7) - ELIMINATED

Sonia: Mission failed. *sighs* Is it too late to hack the system?... What about Control Alt Delete?

Shannon: Oh well, I still hope my boys are proud of their mum for giving it her best!


Vanessa: Oh yeah! You can't beat Vanessa Diva! I'll blow you up like I'll blow up the internet with my future sound sensation!

Tristan (I3) - ELIMINATED

Tristan: Ah, damn... One day I'll win a HoH challenge, just not the first one. I already have a target on my back the size of Midnight Hollow!

Sean: Aw man, really? Darn... I was hoping to win this one!

Tristan: Is he alright? He looks like he's having some sort of war PTSD.

Arthur: They bombed us all! So. Much. Killin'... So... Much... Destruction. War never ends!!!


Kayle: Ever heard of a the Electronic Entertainment Expo? Not anymore! Bombs away!

Germy (J10) - 1 life remaining
Fabian (J10) - 1 life remaining
Kayle (J10) - ELIMINATED
Rebecca (E3) - ELIMINATED
Emery (F2 and H8) - ELIMINATED

Rebecca: Crap... Three strikes and I'm out!

Emery: How did I go from most lives left to none? *gasps* I didn't eliminate myself did I?... Nope. Phew.


Roxy: One last hit here, and I should hopefully be the next HoH.

Germy: Still do not plan on touching this disgusting keyboard! But I do plan to hit that little space right there.

Fabian: I've got this HoH on the hook and I'm reelin' it in! Eat my bombs, losers!

Vanessa: I'm 100% confident that bombing G9 is about to win me HoH!

Roxy (C5)
Vanessa (C5)

Vanessa and Roxy: *sigh in unison* I was so close... Hey! Jinx!

Julia: We are down to the final two... 
However, as you could possibly have guessed from both of you sharing J1 and J10, both Germy and Fabian have picked the same square in A10. The last remaining corner... 
However, since there is a tie and we need a winner... The person with the most hits will win HoH! The person who won...





Julia: With 11 hits to 2!







Julia: Congratulations Fabian you are our first Head of Household! Enjoy the power and enjoy your room!
Fabian: Hey sweet! I get my own pad! Nice!
Julia: Thank you everyone for your participation, I will see you all again next time for the nomination ceremony! Enjoy your night!

Ninja - C6, J6, J10
Smarties - A10, J1, J10
Turner - A1, A2, A3
Alleen - C3, E5, H4
Yannik - C9, E3, G8
Vul - B5, G7, I3
Lo - A7, F2, H8
Tiger - D8, E2, G4
Nani - C5, D8, H3
Penguin - C1, F7, G5
Kali - C5, F9, I8
Twiddle - A10, J1, J10
Jake - C9, F7, I1

Smarties - 11
Jake - 5
Penguin - 5
Kali - 4
Ninja - 4
Lo - 2
Twiddle - 2
Alleen - 1
Nani - 1
Tiger - 1
Vul - 1
Yannik - 1
Turner - 0



Arthur Nutt - Turner
Emery Ring - Lovesstorms
Fabian Romero - Smarties100
Jeremy Yuka - Twiddle3
Kayle McCarther - Ninjakid150
Paige Morgan - Alleenmens
Rebecca Pierce - YJB19299
Roxy Callahan - Kaliko103
Sean Sierra - Tigerblu11
Shannon Mackmilton - Penguinwa101
Sonia Jobs - x_MG_x
Tristan Van Gould - M13Vulpecula
Vanessa Tomaz - Nani

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